Amberley Parish Council June News

Edited extracts from the minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting on 17th May 2019.

New bus route trial

In order to improve public transport, a new bus trial from Amberley to Storrington and Pulborough has been introduced. The service has operated on three Mondays so far with good numbers recorded. There has been a decline in numbers of passengers to Bognor which is the PM operation on Monday evenings.  The trial is running for 4 months before the statistics are reviewed.

Building plans for affordable housing

Horsham District Council (HDC) are setting up their own affordable housing company, they hope to start building homes next year.  The housing will be managed by HDC staff, bringing in expertise when required.  One stream of funding for this company will be from HDC selling of land that is no longer productive to the council.

The housing allocation for Horsham District may be increasing to 1200 per year, there have been some other potential housing sites identified.

Additionally, National Parks now have no housing allocation, when Amberley did their Neighbourhood Plan (NP) the South Downs National Park had an allocation of 280, hence why Amberley were allocated a minimum of 6 in our NP. Following the introduction of National Planning Policy Framework in 2018 all housing allocations were removed from National Parks.

Amberley Neighbourhood Plan

Three SDNPA Officers have made comments as follows on a proposed new car park  in the Parish as follows:

Archaeological Officer – Worthing Archaeological Society have volunteered to explore the archaeological heritage of the site and would be doing a metal detector survey on 17th May, the SDNPA officer has asked for some trenches to be dug to see if there are any historical remains.

Ecological Officer – asked for a water vole survey to be undertaken, this has been done and we are awaiting the results, a further one is required later in the year.

Landscape Officer – feels that the plans do not give full weight to the landscape.  There is a meeting with the Landscape Officer scheduled for 22nd May to discuss his comment further.



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