Amberley Parish Council April News

St Michael's Church, Amberley

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th January 2019.

Community Speedwatch

Update by PCSO Erica Baxter (EB), who advised that a man had been arrested in connection with the spate of car break-ins in the area in December.  She encouraged residents to sign up for the police e-newsletter ‘In the Know’, This is sent round to residents via Listserve by a Neighbourhood Watch member.

EB advised that in order to set up a community Speedwatch group in Amberley any potential Speedwatch sites would need to be assessed by the police.  There is also a link on the police website giving further detail, including the cost involved which she recommended the PC looked at.  It was suggested that a smaller group of Councillors got together to discuss further.

EB also mentioned that there is a Police Property Fund which is the proceeds from the selling of stolen goods and community groups can apply for funding up to £500 for projects such as Speedwatch.

Neighbourhood Plan update

There are a lot of volunteers contributing to different activities to bring the planning application for the proposed car park together. There is a total budget of £2000 for all these activities. So far, no decisions had been made about the car park regarding design, surface, layout, vegetation and ecological additions.

Formal discussions will need to be had soon on these and also procurement, how we monitor development and funding. The whole of the PC will need to be involved in these decisions. Potentially there could be enough to pay for the car park if the Strawberry Villa’s development goes ahead.

Precept (Council Tax) 2019/20

The precept will increase from £60.28 to £67.20 per household. All Councillors agreed precept.

Parking in the village

There are concerns over how parking is going to be managed in the summer with the Black Horse now being open. The proposed new car park will have two disabled spaces. It was also noted that residents putting cones outside their property does not help as this just displaces the issue, also there is no legal standing for these cones to be used.

Annual Parish Meeting

This is on 4th April at 7.30pm in the Church Hall


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