Amberley Council November News

St Michael's Church, Amberley

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 13th September 2018.

County and District Councillor reports

The new waste collection services appear to have settled in well.  Amberley Parish Council (APC) will shortly be signing the lease for the land where the new car park will be.

Newland Gardens . A meeting has been held with the Housing Manager from Saxon Weald to discuss some specific issues raised by residents, plus the grounds maintenance undertaken by Burleys. He had confirmed that the issues would be responded to within 7 days and that he would review the grounds contract with Burleys. There was a discussion regarding APC taking over the management of the grounds maintenance and employing local contractors.

Millenium Green – tree work. The footpath has been closed at the footbridge since the beginning of July. The tree is a 48-foot willow which has split and could break off. The Millennium Green trustees had got some quotes from several tree surgeons. APC have offered a donation of £250 to help with the cost.

Assets and Amenities

Rabbit poo and rabbit holes on the cricket field. These have been filled in before every cricket match, but we need to look at a longer term solution. Shooting/Myxomatosis were ruled out. A member knew of someone who could assist by deploying ferrets, and will pass details on.

Villager bus. A request had gone out on Listserve for more drivers for the Village Bus.  .

Neighbourhood Plan delivery. Hoping to sign the lease for the car park land soon.

Replacing stiles. A resident raised the possibility of replacing some of the stiles in the parish with kissing gates. These are all on privately owned land so it would be the landowner’s decision. A member advised that Network Rail had confirmed that the two stiles either side of the railway line would not be replaced by kissing gates as to do this they would need to have warning lights either side of the track and the expense was too great.

Some of the stiles currently need repairing, this would be the landowner’s responsibility. APC would talk to the new landowner and ask them that instead of repairing the stiles they could be replaced with kissing gates. This will involve extra cost; which APC can look into facilitating.

Next meeting will be held on 8th NOve,ber 2018 at 7.30pm in St Michaels Church Hall


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