Amberley Council January News

St Michael's Church, Amberley

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 3rd December 2018.

Strawberry Villas Planning Application SDNP/05657/FUL

It had been decided to hold this meeting in public as this was an important planning application for the Parish. This development is a result of the housing allocation made in Amberley’s Neighbourhood Plan.

A resident raised a concern regarding if there would be enough parking.  Each dwelling would have a garage, plus a space in front of the garage. There are also 4 visitor spaces.

How would the dwellings be heated? Possibly heat pumps but agreed that this would be flagged to SDNPA.

A resident near the development advised that they are going to be objecting based on the current plans for the drainage of rain water, he feels that the impact on neighbouring houses has not been addressed.  t was noted that the developer is going to use permeable surfaces and install soakaways, but concerns were raised that the main soakaways will funnel any rain water into an area which does not currently drain well.

There had also been concerns raised by residents of Newland Gardens regarding foul water drainage.

PJC advised that APC would raise both drainage issues in their response.

A resident raised the issue of access onto the development, Newland Gardens in a private road and is currently maintained by Saxon Weald being paid for by Newland Garden’s residents in their annual service charge. The developer had mentioned that they had reached an agreement with Saxon Weald and the owner of the land regarding using the road, on the condition that it is hosed down. There may be a possibility that once the houses are built that the number of dwellings will mean that WSCC will adopt the road.

A resident asked on the timeframe for completion of the dwellings. Subject to planning approval the Developers were aiming to have the main build completed between April to October 2019, but exact dates had not been confirmed.

Following a discussion, the planning committee agreed that they would support the application subject to various reservations such as the foul water issue, access arrangements, arrangements for heating and adequate provision for mobile and broadband connections.


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