Amberley Council December News

St Michael's Church, Amberley

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th November 2018.

Public Questions

A resident asked when the middle section of the hedge on the B2139 by the School Road turning would be cut back, he had a near miss with a motorbike. JC advised that this section of hedge is owned by UK Power Networks (UKPN), WSCC Highways had informed the Clerk today that UKPN had requested an order for traffic lights so the work could finally be completed.

Roads and Paths

APC have been successful in the Community Highway Scheme which we applied for to extend the pavement from Newland Gardens to the football field.  Out of 60 applications made for the whole of West Sussex only 12 were successful. We are hoping for the works to take place between April 2019 to April 2020.

Assets and Amenities

Still an issue with rabbits on the cricket field.  A pest controller has been contacted also a a contact given of someone with ferrets who may be able to help. There had been an unauthorized use of ferrets on the cricket field. As APC own the land and were responsible, we need to ensure that any work undertaken is by an accredited, insured pest controller.

Village Bus

Daniel Rice has joined the team as a bus driver. For residents who are a little frail the bus can pick them up and deliver them back to their home. To arrange this ring Phil Greenwood on his home number 831803 the day before.


An application for the 15 new houses at Strawberry Villas has been submitted to HDC by the Developers. The committee is looking at obtaining planning permission for the car park. An ecological survey is required,  plus an artist’s impression. A suggestion was made that the money APC will receive from SDNPA from the new development could be paid directly to the developer for them to build the car park at the same time. This would negate the borrowing of any money.  All these avenues are being explored.

Emergency Winter Plan

APC’s winter plan (organised by HA) had been submitted to WSCC. The salt which was stored at Castle Farm has now been moved to a storage facility owned by David Locke in North Stoke  We are also hoping for a bag of salt to be delivered to one of the outbuildings at Drewitts Farm thanks to Mel Edge.



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