Aldingbourne Trust take part in Learning Disability Pride walk

Aldingbourne Trust is a local charity that supports adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. The Trust were proud to take part in Learning Disability Pride Week 2019, which was taking place across Britain from the 15th to 21st June to celebrate people’s differences. 

The Trust took part in a Learning Disability Pride walk on Thursday 20th June, by hosting a daytime and evening walk. Staff and the people they support from the Aldingbourne Country Centre took a morning stroll, enjoyed an ice cream on route, and had fun making the most out of the community gym equipment along the promenade.

In the evening, 26 people including Cllr Kenton Batley from Bognor Regis Town Council, took part in a great evening walk and everyone enjoyed themselves. Members of the public were very interested in the cause, and complimented on what a lovely idea the walk was. Sweet Flamingo’s were also excellent hosts, as the walkers all enjoyed an ice cream in the evening sun.

Milton Lodge, one of the Trust’s residential houses also took part with garden party on the Friday evening. Their manager Claire Lambert proudly tweeted “Music, beer, good food and laughter, celebrating all the fantastic people we support at Milton Lodge with family and friends new and old”.

Work Aid, which is a free service to support adults with learning disabilities and / or autism to find employment, have supported the week by sharing success stories on some of the people they support.

The Aldingbourne Trust supports over 500 people with learning disabilities and / or autism in West Sussex and Hampshire. With over 15 social enterprise schemes including the Aldingbourne Country Centre near Chichester, our Aldwick Road charity shop and Number 73 Aldwick Road Bognor Regis, and MAKE in Portsmouth Their social enterprises provide new opportunities for learning, being part of and supporting local communities and reducing our reliance on funding from the state.

People with learning disabilities can and do make a big contribution towards society. The world is constantly changing, and the Trust want to close the gaps in need and look for ways of doing what we do better.

Visit the website for information about the award winning charity that supports adults with learning disabilities and / or autism to live independent lives.


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