Aldingbourne Parish Council July News

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Aldingbourne Parish Council meeting on 4th June 2019.

Presentation by Orminston Six Villages School

A pupil provided a very interesting insight into the Orminston Six Villages Space 180 Degrees project that she, and several of her fellow pupils, are committed to delivering at her school. She explained that the project is aiming to redevelop some previously unused land within the school grounds and make it a space which both the school and, hopefully in time, the wider community, can access as a shared community space for all to enjoy.


It was reported that this is peak growing season and

therefore it is challenging to keep pathways clear. Footpath 299 is currently relatively clear, and Footpath 297 is reasonable. Efforts are being made to arrange additional cut backs of growth to ensure the paths remain usable across the seasons.

Village Signs

The Councillor reported that progress had been stalled as she no longer had the proposed design pictures. Gladstone are the leading suppliers of this kind of street furniture. The intention is for the design to be made of ‘wood effect’ plastic and the proposed locations are to be in Norton Road by the ‘30’ zone marker; at the War Memorial; and somewhere near the entrance to Lees Yard. Councillor Warden encouraged a more comprehensive update to come back to the Committee in July so that this project can move forward, and potentially link in to building up a more comprehensive ‘package’ of street improvements, to be progressed alongside the Neighbourhood Plan.

ACSC Development Group

The expenditure to date on bringing the Centre up to required Health and Safety requirements was currently standing at £8815 of the £15k allocation. Specifications to get emergency lighting and fire doors installed are being processed, all of which the Council believe can be achieved within budget, with a planned timescale of works being carried out during the school summer holidays. The Councillor noted the progress that is being made. However, remains concerned that there is still no clear plan available detailing matters such as proposed licensing changes, and with timescales regarding progress towards CIO status. The APC contributions are taxpayers money and, therefore, the APC has a duty of care to ensure plans and progress are reasonable and appropriate.

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