Aldingbourne Council November News

St Marys Church, Aldingbourne

Minutes from 2nd October

Five members of the public attended. Apologies from WS Cllr Whittington. Meeting took 40 mins.

Appointment of new Clerk: The closing date for applications is 31st October, the advertisement on the SSALC website (Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Councils). Interviews to be held in November. Any enquiries should be addressed to SSALC who are handling the process.

Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre (ACSC): ACSC are seeking a new Treasurer following the resignation of the current Treasurer, who is kindly staying on as bookkeeper to the end of December. Wifi and electrical problems are being addressed and user groups have donated to car park repairs. Renford Marsden will be holding face to face meetings and a workshop involving trustees and user groups to discuss future needs as part of a feasibility study about the site future.

Parish Community Engagement Day: to be held on Sat 27th October, at the Eastergate shop (Elm Tree Stores) Councillors will be on hand to listen to residents views and advise on Parish matters.

Play Equipment: Cllr Warden detailed repairs required for which new quotes will be obtained from two contractors. Cllrs agreed urgent work should proceed owing to safety, if necessary less urgent items to be omitted to fit the Budget.

Community Land Trust: The National CLT Network has awarded a £4,000 grant for legal set up and community engagement costs. A website has been created, which can temporarily be accessed via the Aldingbourne Parish Council (APC) website. A questionnaire asking about housing need is going out with the Parish newsletter and can also be accessed via the website.

Remembrance Sundays: Barnham PC had acquired 100 Poppies, produced by the Royal British Legion, which would be erected on lampposts between the Level Crossing and Barnham Community Centre. Volunteers to help put them up on 27th October would be welcome. Meet Eastergate Village Hall 9am. Refreshments provided.

Newsletter: To be distributed shortly. Thanks given to Cllr Harbord and Cllr Turner for putting it together, with help of Eastergate/Barnham editor Nina McMasters.

Highways Matters: The VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) has been tried out in different locations collecting data as a precursor to consideration of installation in the longer term, potentially with s106 funding.

The Hook Lane developer has asked APC to take over the maintenance of the bus shelter to be installed as part of the s106 agreement, which WSCC no longer does. APC had agreed on condition the style is oak, fitted with a noticeboard and maintenance funding is provided for 25 years.


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