Action in rural Sussex supports Charity Mentors

Action in rural Sussex

Local charity, Action in rural Sussex (AirS) is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with the free mentoring organisation Charity Mentors, East Sussex and has provided funding towards the continuation of its work.

Provided by its volunteer network of experienced senior managers and specialists, including AirS Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chantal Wilson; Charity Mentors East Sussex offers free short-term assistance to charities, community groups and other not-for-profits across East Sussex helping them plan for a more sustainable future.

As AirS is a long standing independent charity that exists for all people living in rural areas of Sussex, supporting Charity Mentors East Sussex will enable AirS to help provide additional support to rural community groups and charities to develop innovative and effective ways to bring services closer to rural people.

Petrina Mayson, CEO of AirS said “We are thrilled to be in a position to support Charity Mentors East Sussex during 2019-20. We work with hundreds of rural organisations of all sizes across East Sussex, and I urge them to explore the free advice offered by this scheme; which in turn will enable them to be more confident about the future of their services”.

If you are in a leadership role within a charity, community group or not-for-profit business in East Sussex, and have either a specific issue or general strategic directional issue that you require support with, please contact Charity Mentors to find out more.


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