A heartwarming charity partnership for Chestnut Tree House with a focus on family and friendship

When Grace’s Blankets launched, offering personalised bespoke knitted blankets, family and friendship were at the company’s heart. Set up by childhood friends, Paul and Stewart, and named after Paul’s daughter, Grace, the company have now joined forces with Sussex-based children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House and one of the charity’s Patrons, Jodie Kidd, to form a charity partnership.

“We were first told about Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice by one of their Patrons, Jodie Kidd, who explained how the charity support children and families through some of their toughest moments,”explains Paul Wilkinson, co-owner of Grace’s Blankets.


The independent small business sells handmade knitted blankets to order, with names and messages woven into the blanket – ideal as gifts for new-borns, birthdays, new homes, or just to show friends and family that you are thinking of them.

“Stewart and I have known each other for years and both have children of our own,” continues Paul. “Our business is all about family and friendship, so working with Jodie and supporting a charity like Chestnut Tree House feels like a natural fit. We have pledged to donate 5% of every blanket sale to Chestnut Tree House as we know how much they need ongoing support so that they can continue providing hospice care to the children and families who need it.”


Jodie Kidd became a Patron of Chestnut Tree House – her local children’s hospice, in 2018. She has supported the charity in a number of ways, including fundraising and taking part in the Inca Trail challenge with her partner, Joseph Bates, in November 2019.

Describing what Chestnut Tree House means to her, Jodie says, “I’m so incredibly proud to be a Patron of Chestnut Tree House. When you think about a children’s hospice, lots of things run through your mind, as most people don’t really know what to expect. The first time I visited, I found it had such a wonderful, homely, lovely vibe, and they do so much to support children and families. It’s an incredible place and I think we’re very lucky to have it. They receive very little government funding, so rely heavily on support from the local community and businesses so that they can continue providing their vital care services.


“Grace’s Blankets is a wonderful family-run company and I’m delighted that they’ve decided to make a donation from every blanket sale to Chestnut Tree House. The blankets are really lovely and by buying one you’ll also be helping an incredibly important charity – one that is very close to my heart.”


Grace’s Blankets sell personalised knitted blankets on their website (www.graces-blankets.com) and 5% of every sale will be donated to Chestnut Tree House to support children with life-shortening conditions and their families.

To find out how you can work with Chestnut Tree House, visit www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk/fundraising.


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