Candidates announced for West Sussex County Council elections

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A total of 293 candidates in 70 electoral divisions are standing at this year’s West Sussex county council election on Thursday 6 May.

A detailed guide to the election, including the full list of nominations, can be found on the county council website at The full list of nominations also shows whether candidates are representing a political party or standing as independents.

For those who are voting in person (or for those voting as someone’s proxy), polling stations will be safe places to visit on 6 May, but you may want to plan ahead for how to vote:

  • Check your poll card because your polling station may have changed since the last election.
  • Polling stations are usually busier early in the morning and after school, so you may want to go at a different time when it’s likely to be quieter.

For more information on voting and COVID-19, visit The Electoral Commission website.

Votes will start to be counted on Friday 7 May around the county. The results are due to be announced during Friday afternoon and into the weekend.

The full results for the West Sussex County Council elections will be published on the county council website. You can also find out the results as they come in by following @WSCCNews on Twitter.

At this point, before the election, the 70 county councillors seats are currently held as follows:

  • Conservative: 50
  • Liberal Democrats: 8
  • Labour: 4
  • Independent members: 4
  • Independent Conservative: 2
  • Vacancies: 2


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