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JCB Pothole Pro in Sussex

West Sussex Highways officers and staff from contractors Balfour Beatty have seen the JCB Pothole Pro in action, repairing both potholes and larger damaged areas in roads in Rogate and Goring. The one machine tackles all the stages leading up to the new surface being laid.

The new JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3 in 1 solution specifically designed to sort out any pothole or large reinstatement operations, efficiently, economically and permanently. It:

Cuts out the repair area,

Crops the area, to ensure a stable surface…. and then

Cleans, ready for the laying of the new surface material.

JCB Pothole Pro repairing West Sussex Roads
JCB Pothole Pro repairing West Sussex Roads

A West Sussex Highways spokesperson said: “The Pothole Pro can be used for both pothole repairs and larger areas of patching.

“We were able to see first-hand its precision, speed and efficiency in tackling the tasks. It’s one of the innovations we have been trialling and will be assessing the results.

More than 20,500 potholes were repaired by West Sussex Highways in 2020 – that’s the equivalent of about 390 a week and compares to 16,000 pothole repairs in 2019.


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