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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Simplify your life in 2020. Let hspace help you declutter and reorganise your surroundings.

Whether at home or at work, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings, hspace can help.  Hspace was started by qualified lawyer Helen Clutton and is based in Storrington. In 2019 they have delighted clients by organising their offices, paperwork, house moves, downsizing, teenage bedrooms, children’s playrooms, garages, wardrobes, whole houses and organising following a bereavement. They are very experienced and discreet, and the feedback from their clients is always glowing.

Not only do they help you declutter and get organised, they also offer practical

Helen Clutton
Helen Clutton

solutions so that you can maintain order in the future.

Herr are just a few more things they can do for you:

  • Personal shopping and wrapping service
  • Arranging auctioneers and house clearers
  • Stylist service
  • Preparing homes for long term visitors or new arrivals

Resolve to get organised in 2020. Once you sort your surroundings out, you will feel refreshed, relieved and re-energised. Take control of your space.

Contact Helen on 07939 278923 or by email [email protected] or visit www.hspace.co.uk.

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